Villages in Minecraft Sol Edition are much more better.


All the original structures have been removed. These are the new ones.

Log CabinEdit

  • Lumberjacks live here with their wolves. They have campfires, but wolf AI teaches them to not walk into it. 


  • Farmers live in here with livestock. Outside of them are wheat, potato, and carrot farms.


  • Has a lava pit and is made of cobble. There is an avil inside, and a few forges.


Bigger than vanilla library, they have an enchanting room in the back and the librarians sell enchanted books. Yay!


Mineshafts are built in mountains and hills. The miner villagers will mine these and take anything they obtain to the village storage room.

Storage RoomEdit

Made of stone brick, has loads of chests.


Where knights live. Filled with rare ores like diamond, gold, and iron. Somtimes quartz.


Knights will sometime move hostile mobs to these cells. Don't walk in, k?

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