Hi everyone! My name is Nick and if you are a newer user of this wiki, it's likely you don't know me yet. Regardless, I'll fill you in..

I'm the Founder of this Wiki and with that, an Admin/Bureaucrat. Although I don't edit here and haven't added anything in ages, I would appreciate if you guys take notice of the following:

  • Following Wikia's ToS, you are not allowed to edit here if you are under the age of 13. This is an official guideline and is NOT made up by me. If you have concerns regarding your account if you are underage, please do not edit anymore.
  • To all anonymous users: This wiki does not belong to the list of child-oriented Wikis that were made a thing like.. what? 2 Years ago? Regardless, what this is is basically the inability to edit as an anonymous user. Everyone is required to have an account in order to edit. Although I am not going to enforce this, I would advise making in account. Of course, if you are 13 Years old or older.
  • And lastly, I left this wiki a long time ago and sadly, it was during the phase where rules and guidelines were being written. Some of the ones that exist right now are outdated but most importantly: Not complete. I wouldn't call this a rule, but I would ask of users to work on their grammar and spelling and properly format their pages. There are numerous tutorials out there on how to do this and if you want people to like your content more, trust me, just do it. Looking at pages' source code (Going to edit mode on them without saving your edits) is another great way of learning.

That has been all. Thank you for reading!

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