The First Battle Against the Monsters
Author Hollydove
Illustrator None
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1. Three Blocks of Diamond Ore Edit

Wren Flight was a normal young teenager who lived without fear of death. In her world, if she died, she would just lose her things. She had long blonde hair and cyan eyes. Her eyelashes were thick and black, and she had a little bow beret pinning back her hair on her right. She had black headphones as to communicate to her shy sister Finch Flight. Wren wore a thick silver shirt and a pink vest, and there were two pink stripes on the ends of both sleeves. A grey belt flipped up from the bottom of her shirt and covered the vest. She had tall pink shoes that went about two ankle-heights tall and had a wavy white line in the middle. She was a warrior.

Now, she rebelled against King Ninja. The rest of the Rebels had been either killed, captured, or forced to fight in King Ninja's army. She was alone, and glad of it. To be the only Rebel Warrior girl, she was exhausted of having to let the boys make decisions for her.

Wren was the only one to survive the journey to the Edge. There was a barrier there, and nothing nobody could do would let them through. She had asked over and over if she could try, but they wouldn't let her. They never knew her precious emerald had been enchanted with Sharpness II and Thorns I. She easily took the jewel out and sliced through the barrier, repairing it one she was in the Outlands, on the other side of the Edge.

It was as if the barrier was on her side. She giggled and raced across the hot desert. True, she had stolen a guard horse, but it was much better if she had a mount. Pig racer? No. Pack mule? No. Pack donkey? No. Stolen guard horse? Yes.

Soon she found herself lost. There weren't any sandstone villages in sight, and she had just found she was out of water. She decided that if she was out of water, she could dig down and find an underground waterfall there. So she got out her diamond shovel and diamond pick and started digging at the sand. Soon Wren hit sandstone. She dug through that, too. Quickly, she noticed three blocks of diamond ore on a wall of stone. She mined it.

It gave her diamonds, three. But quickly,

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