Steve who is 13 at the time, lived in a small village of villagers. He lived in an iron tower with only a bed ,and no room, he has been bestowed upon the mayor iron armor, weapons, and tools. He is quite stubborn to do anything, so he attacks villagers ,and steals their crops. He also killed a few people. 10 years later, Steve is 23, he decides to move to a town called Townsville, he knew his uncle, Uncle Ubowski lived in the village. So he decides to live near his uncles mansion. He slept in another villagers house for the night. But, before all of this happened, he was give a golden sword and an golden ax to kill two ancient sentinel iron golems. They asked him to kill them both. Anyways, he talked to some villagers and one of the priests said his uncle had died a few days before, and had left his fortune to Steve because he was the last one of his family. Uncle Ubowski left his two dogs behind ,Bonnie and Clyde, which he weirdly named after the two infamous outlaws of the west. He found out that an explosion near the diamond castle had killed him. and it killed the king and the president. He went to find his uncles boss AKA the mayor of Townsville. But, turns out the mayor was killed along with a few iron golems by griefing of tnt. Meanwhile at the mansion, he found diamond and enchanted armor, weapons, and tools. People thought these were a myth. Uncle Ubowski, gave Steve an enchanted bow with very good enchantments but the villagers said, "Blasphemy!" "Liar!" "It's just a toy!" "It's fake!" But, it was true it was a real bow. He then found out Bonnie and Clyde were given enchanting abilities and were able to intelligently talk to him. They both told him creepers killed his uncle,mayor,president, and the king, It was because of a villager talking to a creeper and few came along and blew everything up. Everyone ,including Bonnie and Clyde told Steve there was a great evil in the world known as the Ender Dragon, he went to the end, killed the Ender Dragon, took the egg and put two of them in his house one on top of his TV and one at the end of his pool just to look cool. Then, Steve found a beautiful lass named Sophia. They both talked and a while later they were getting married. A few years later, Steve and Sophia had kids. So did Bonnie and Clyde. From a little villager kid, to a soldier of an adult he defended Townsville and Cityville from mobs.

I hope you guys enjoyed it for my first story i'm going to focus on Steve and Bonnie and Clyde expect the next one to be about either the mobs or the duo of dogs Enjoy!

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