One day, Steve walking through the land along with his friends, they were talking about building a castle the biggest one ever. Steve did not like the idea but, he went along with it. Suddenly, he fell into a lava pit he died instantly all equipment burnt into nothing. His friends tried to help but fell in, suddenly a girl came out of the lava pit she was called Alex. The friends came out as girls too. They found diamond tools and armor on the side of the lava pit. One of them stole the armor and tools and Alex came after her and killed her and the rest of the friends because she thought they would betray Alex.

After this incident, she went to the nearest town and rested. She found one of the largest houses. It was big as the whole town itself. She checked inside it, it had a kitchen in a larger part of the house, a living room in the central part, a large bedroom with a pig tied to a fence, a small yard with horses with different armor types and three more pigs, and dog houses. She then found a chest of items from mobs and mob bosses. Alex thinking why would Steve would collect this stuff ( Alex switched places with Steve and were married weird isn't it?) A villager told Alex there was an underground museum that Steve built. She found it and found an end portal encased by a cobblestone wall so no one can go inside it then, she found a case with two villagers encased in glass and two signs said Flitch and Dr. Doomstone odd, Alex found a Nether Portal encased in a cobblestone wall. She then saw a mob room with the drops and mob boss drops and displays. She found a room with tools in item frames and armor too.

She went back to the house and found a backyard but, the only thing noticeable was a waterfall and it looked suspicious and she fell into it and went through a hole. Once she reached the bottom she found a room of books and a few beds. It was a shelter where Steve would hide from the villagers.

Coming soon the last paragraph or two.

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