is a gamemode in Minecraft Sol Edition.

Released in 1.0.


Based on AOS Territory Control/Tug of War, Players get randomly put on either Green Creepers or Blue Endermen, and fight to take over biomes. Both sides of the map get one of each biome, with a bedrock tower (and wool of their team's color in the middle) in each biome. To get control of the tower, destroy all 36 wool. Once a tower has its wool destroyed, it cannot be switched back to the original team.


All players get 10 bread and a water bucket.

Green Creepers- All get 16 Throwing TNT and explode when dying

Blue Endermen- All get 16 Ender Pearls and can grief faster

Players can choose one of 4 types of players: 

  • Sniper
  • Charger
  • Dodger
  • Guard


Snipers get at the start and every respawn:

  • Full set of leather armor
  • 64 wood
  • 64 cobblestone
  • 1 diamond pickaxe
  • 1 silver sword
  • 1 infinite bow
  • 1 invisibility potion
  • 1 slowness splash potion
  • 1 arrow

Snipers are meant to build bases and shoot out enemies afar and are not designed for close combat. Snipers have infinite nightvision.


Chargers get:

  • Full set of chain armor
  • 64 dirt
  • 64 sand
  • 64 TNT
  • 10 spears
  • 1 diamond sword
  • 1 diamond spade
  • 1 fire resistance potion
  • 1 weakness splash potion

Chargers are meant to create TNT cannons and hidey holes, and storm the tower. They are great close combatants and are not designed to shoot out enemies from afar. 


Dodgers get:

  • Full set of budder armor (Gold? What's gold?)
  • 64 obsidian
  • 64 endstone
  • 64 arrows
  • 1 bow
  • 1 fishing pole (for food)
  • 1 budder spade
  • 1 silver sword
  • 1 budder pickaxe
  • 1 swiftness potion

Dodgers are meant to rush into battle and shoot out enemies while making cover.


  • Full set of diamond armor
  • Creative mode inventory (ONLY the blocks and redstone sections)
  • 1 bow
  • 64 arrows
  • 20 fire charges
  • 64 budder apples
  • 1 diamond pickaxe
  • 5 healing splash potions

Guards are meant to assist the rest of their team and build a base. They are not meant to run out into battle (except to attack intruders).



  • Desert
  • Village
  • Jungle
  • Swamp
  • Mountain
  • Mushroom Island
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Ocean

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