Chapter 1: Spawn

I spawned in to the lobby of the survival games server. 23 other people were already there. The chat said 45 seconds to start. When the server spawned us into the arena, I was scared and nervous. Should I have teamed? Should I have chosen levels PvP instead? Then the the Anvil dropped, and we were released. I ran to the nearest chest. 2 diamonds, a stick, a gold helmet and boots, and a few apples. I got lucky. I put on the armour and ran. I didn't stop until I got to the edge of the map. I found a crafting table and crafted a diamond sword. Then a shovel hit me. I passed out and fell out of my chair. "Die!! Plz die!!" The guy said in the chat. I passed out again and everything turned black.

Chapter 2: Teammates suck

When I woke up, I groaned. Then I noticed I was NOT in my chair, and I was NOT in my room. I was in minecraft. "Crap..." I said. "Welcome to the survival games server, where not so random players get sucked in and DOOMED to die." A voice said. I turned around. The guy who spoke had a gamertag that said "OmniDragon10". "Why did you not kill me Dakota?" I said

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