A dreamy night​Edit

It was night but my bed broke so I tested puting blue wool across the middle, glow stone in the bottom middle, and then two wood at the bottom then it gave me a blue bed I sleped in it and I went to a place where there were floating islands, giant zombies that Don`t burn in daylight and a big red dragon, the red dragon came to me and said "Herobrine has been trying to kill me and the Enderdragon" I said "I`ve been stopping him" Herobrine comes and throws a knife at the red dragon "WHAT THE HELL HEROBRINE IS HERE DAMMIT" I pulled out my sword and slashed Herobrine in the face "Shi-what you slashed me in the face DAMN YOU HAHA" max came with a sword bigger than him and slashed Herobrine`s neck Max said "Herobrine it ends here" Herobrine said "no HAHAHA" suddenly an unknown man comes, ??? Said "I shall rule the world for I am Overlord" Max said "not you anything but you right now" Herobrine said "I hate you to my veins" I slashed Overlord in the face Overlord said "Amazing how can you have so much power well that power is going to be taken" I transformed into my End form and started to summon Ender Steve and the Enderdragon, Ender Steve said "Herobrine screw you come on Enderdragon let`s kill this fool" The Enderdragon said "I`m to weak to fight I almost got killed by a survival modern" so I summoned EndieEnderDragon too, she said "no more of this Enderdragon form" she turned into an Enderdragon

Herobrine kills the red dragonEdit

Herobrine chopped the red dragons face off, I said "nooooooo" Herobrine tried to cut off my head too Herobrine said "Damn I couldn't cut off you`re head how could you have so much power" I slashed Herobrine and Overlord I made Herobrine vanish Overlord flead, the red dragon said "go now it`s to late for me go!" I went out of the dream world and the bed wasn't there anymore I said "that bed was a portle" Overlord was fighting Steven outside


I said "Steven stop you don`t know him he will kill you DAMMIT" suddenly max came and slashed Overlord in the stomach, I said "yes Max is here", Max said "Overlord you shall die"  I said "DRAGON FORM" so I became a dragon, I used a really dangerous attack on Overlord it made him faint so we trapped him in a cage that can only open, close and break if you say a certain word

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