The Enderdragon the battle of Ender steve and HerobrineEdit

Suddenly Endermen started to try and kill us when this Dragon came and told the Endermen to stop and told us "I am the Enderdragon I need you to find Ender Steve and EndieEnderDragon so they can stop Herobrine from destroying the End and killing me and drinking my blood for immortality" suddenly a letter comes it says "Ender S Ender EED come now la la la" we said what it said and Ender Steve andEndieEnderDragon came and also Herobrine, Herobrine said "I shall drink the blood of the Enderdragon HAHAHAHAHA" EndieEnderDragon and Ender Steve said "we shall kill you" there was a purple lake we jumped in it we turned black are eyes turned purple and we became giants we started shooting Herobrine it was taking 6 damage off of Herobrine, Herobrine turned all the Endermen into Giant Wither skeletons I said "NO MORE HEROBRINE I SHALL KILL YOU" Herobrine died just like that everyone thanked me I went out of the End and I saw Herobrine


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