I meet StevenEdit

One day I came out of my house and planted some weat weat when I saw someone wearing a red Tshirt  he shouted "HEY OVER HERE I NEED HELP"  I ran over there as quick as I could, I said "so what`s your name" he said "Steven" I questioned " what ya need help with Steven" he answered "getting wood to make a house" I said "you could stay in my house it`s got a spear bed" he said "thanks now come on it`s almost night" we ran into the house I made some mushroom stew Steven said "I love mushroom stew my mom made me this all the time when I was a kid" we talked as we ate Steven said "did you know about a myth about a dimension called the End" I said "yeah that myth is`nt a myth I saw a guy go there"  Steven said "let`s go and look for the portal in stronghold".

searching and finding the EndEdit

we went through the trapdoor that took us to stronghold I threw some eye of Enders and after Hours of searching we found the Endportal but there was a man he said to us " do you come to harm the Enderdragon for I am Ender Steve" we said "no we won`t" Ender Steve said "I will be watching you two" then he vanished we jupped into the portal and we were in the End.

Chapter 3 cant all be fitted in it will be on another page sorry.Edit

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