​Unexpected Edit

So I came out of the End and Herobrine was there, he said "you will pay I shall have revenge" I pulled out my sword and was ready to battle when suddenly Steven came and said "STOP THE WORLD`S GETTING DELETED" I said "HEY what do you mean by that" I heard a voice saying "oh my God Herobrine is in my world I have to delete it" everything was disappearing even Steven when someone came and said "I am Max Herobrine you must die" Herobrine said "HAHAHAHAHA you want to harm little old me HAHAHA" "SCREW YOU Herobrine" I got my sword out and I somehow transformed into a form I didn't even know I had forms "souler maya"

​Herobrines death formEdit

I started shooting ender meteors at Herobrine it was making him take alot of damage, but he transformed into a giant, bloody eyed, six armed, soul lurker "TAKE THIS ON FOR SIZE SCREW YOU HAHAHAHAHA" Herobrine shouted,"Damn you Herobrine" Steven said, "combine power" I said,we all combined our power and we turn into one big form called "the omega power zord" or the "T.O.P.Z" we almost killed Herobrine but he got away "he almost killed woolly" max said "I got to go Herobrine could be doing anything right now"

Herobrine wants revengeEdit

5 days later we went to a school because the teacher of that place wanted us to teach the kids about Herobrine when I saw a kid Herobrine was behind him I took out my sword ran over to Herobrine, but he disappeared the teacher said "what the Hell were you just trying to do there" I answered "Herobrine was behind that kid" Herobrine went to the teacher and killed her, Herobrine said "HAHAHAHAHA oh you didn't want to let me drink the blood of the Enderdragon did you I may not have immortality but I still have enough power to kill you" Herobrine started killing everyone, but I stopped him with my diamond pic, Herobrine said "next time HAHAHAHA" 

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