Are a new type of mob in Minecraft Sol Edition 1.2.

1 Block Bots (Noob Bots)Edit


Under construction.


Cambots will record videos with /cambot start and /cambot stop. The length of the cambot video is 5 minutes, then it automatically starts another tape and stores the older. Cambot will follow you until you say /cambot sit then to make it walk /cambot walk.

Crafting- Cambot

Computer Chip Computer Chip Steel Ingot Video Card Driver
Scope Recording Light Computer Chip Iron Ingot
Beacon Steel Ingot Video Camera AI Programming Iron Ingot
Steel Ingot Copper Wire Audio Intake Copper Wire Steel Ingot
Stationed Leg Computer Chip Stationed Leg


To set Homingbot as your home, type /homer sit to make that your tp place. Type /homer go to teleport to Homingbot. Press /homer move to let Homingbot move around again.

Crafting- Homingbot

Homing Signal Diamond Homing Signal
AI Programming Redstone Block Computer Chip Redstone Block AI Programming
Stationed Leg Copper Ingot Beacon Copper Ingot Stationed Leg
Redstone Block Computer Chip Redstone Block
Piston Diamond Block Piston

Angled Turret BotEdit

Angled turret bots do not move, and have infinite ammo.


/atb ammo arrow- Arrows

/atb ammo snow- Snowballs

/atb ammo ghast- Fire Charge

/agt fireon pvp on/off- Fires on other players

/agt fireon untamed on/off- Fires on untamed passive mobs

/agt fireon hostile on/off- Fires on hostile mobs

Crafting- AGT Bot

Computer Chip Piston Redstone Torch Piston Computer Chip
Piston Arrow Computer Chip Fire Charge Piston
Copper Wire Dispenser Copper Wire
Copper Wire Computer Chip Copper Wire
Computer Chip Dispenser Receiver Weighted Pressure Plate Dispenser Receiver Computer Chip


These are the items needed to craft the Robots.

Copper IngotEdit

From Copper ore.

Computer ChipEdit

Loot from villages. In 1.4.5, crafted with 4 silicon.

Homing SignalEdit

Lapis Fire Charge Lapis
Piston Diamond Piston
Glass Diamond Beacon Diamond Glass
Piston Diamond Piston
Piston Glass Piston

Stationed LegEdit

Redstone Block
Piston Redstone
Steel Ingot Bone Redstone
Bone Redstone
Diamond Boots

Audio IntakeEdit

Redstone Torch
Copper Ingot Note Block Redstone Block
Computer Chip Note Block Blank Record Note Block Computer Chip
Redstone Block Note Block Copper Ingot
Computer Chip

Recording LightEdit

Glass Rose Red Glass
Rose Red Beacon Rose Red
Glass Rose Red Glass

AI ProgrammingEdit

Rare drop from most monsters.

Video Card DriverEdit

Coper Ingot Trapdoor Copper Ingot
Copper Wire Copper Wire
Copper Ingot Video Card Copper Ingot
Computer Chip Copper Ingot Computer Chip
Computer Chip Glass Recording Light

Video CardEdit

Find in villages.

Dispenser ReceiverEdit

Pressure Plate Pressure Plate Pressure Plate Pressure Plate Pressure Plate
Pressure Plate Pressure Plate
Pressure Plate Beacon Presure Plate
Pressure Plate Pressure Plate
Pressure Plate Pressure Plate Pressure Plate Pressure Plate Pressure Plate

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