Nuclear Creeper
Nuclear Creeper
Health Points 180 (Heart Icon x90)
Type Hostile
Attack Strength Heart Icon x 50.5 (Normal)

Heart Icon x 98.5 (Charged)

Spawn Any light level, not on transparent blocks
Drops Nuke (1)
Experience 30

The Nuclear Creeper is a special type of Creeper. It was first introduced in the Explosives+ Mod.

The Nuclear Creeper is very similar to the normal Creeper. The most notable change is the texture. Unlike a normal Creeper, the Nuclear Creeper is darker green in color. It's face is now glowing yellow, and it's legs have black and yellow stripes.


It behaves very much like a normal Creeper, it will follow the player around until it gets close enough to explode. However, sometimes when it's at low health it will try to explode if the player is within three blocks. Unlike the normal creeper's fuse lenght (1.5 secs), the Nuclear Creeper hisses for 3 seconds before exploding. Their explosion is far more devastating than of a regular Creeper's, hence their name, their blast's radius is from 18 to 27, unlike a normal Creeper's usual radius of 3.

Just like normal Creepers, they do not burn when exposed on sunlight, giving them the ability to follow the player at any time. They spawn at every block at every light level, meaning they can spawn during day time. However, they're extremely rare, as there's only a 2% to see one.

Like a normal Creeper, they can be charged by Lightning, making them far more dangerous.


  • Pheenixm on Minecraft Forums for the Explosives+ mod and texture.