Mutant Hornet
Health Points 60 (Heart Icon x30)
Type Boss
Spawn Mother Tree (Jungle Biome)
Drops Honey (6-8)

Gold Ingot (9-12)

Experience 3,500

The Mutant Hornet is a boss mob created by Nick.


The Mutant Hornet spawns outside a hive, which can be found on top of a Mother Tree, which rarely spawns in a Jungle Biome. Once the player approaches the Mother Tree, the Mutant Hornet will come flying out trying to protect it.


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When the Mother Tree is approached, the Mutant Hornet will come flying out of it's hive, and will fly above the player.

The Mutant Hornet has a few attacks that it uses:

  • Speed Dash - It flies away from the player, surrounds itself in a yellow light and charges through the player, dealing 4 and a half hearts of damage, plus recoil damage to itself (2 hearts).
  • Spike Rain - It shoots small spikes at the player. In a single Spike Rain, there are about 20 spikes shot, with each dealing half a heart damage, but most of them don't hit.


  • The Mutant Hornet is the 4th bug mob, the others being the Spider, the Cave Spider and the Silverfish.