This is a series started by Echoson. It starts on 9/5/2013. It stars a zombie named Zomba as he tries to survive from both school and the Steves.


All hostile mobs has to know how to kill a Steve, Zomba tries to get his dreams of killing one and become a baddie. With friends by his side, Zomba will try to defeat the Steves and SURVIVE SCHOOL!


  • Zomba the Zombie
  • Skelly the Skelonton
  • Slime the, well, Slime
  • Endie the Enderman
  • Hobo (he is a ghost Steve with a different skin)
  • Herobrine
  • The Witch
  • Zombieswine the Zombie Pigman
  • Blaze the Blaze
  • Ghist the Ghast
  • Zombay the Baby Zombie Villager
  • Squids
  • Zombs the Zombie
  • Wither the Wither Skelonton (Skelly's cousin)
  • Spidey the Spider
  • Creeps the Creeper
  • Magma
  • Random Villagers


  • Steves
  • SkyDoesMinecraft
  • Notch

Enemies to ZombaEdit

  • Zombieswine's Gang
    • Zombiwswine
    • Blaze
    • Wither
    • Magma
    • Zombay
    • Spidey
  • Teachers
    • Herobrine
    • The Witch
    • Boring Zombie Villager


None yet!


  • Add if you are a fan!

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