is the Xbox 360 equivalent of Minecraft Sol Edition.

1.0 (July 14, 2013)Edit


New FoodstuffsEdit

New MechanicsEdit

New WeaponsEdit

New PotionsEdit

New ItemsEdit

New OresEdit

1.1 (8/18/13)Edit


New DropsEdit

New PotionsEdit

New BiomesEdit

  • Added Oasis to Desert

New MobsEdit

  • Charged Creeper Spawn Egg for trolling
  • Wither Skele Spawn Egg
  • Added Shrimp mob

New ExtrasEdit

  • Command Blocks, all Mob Spawners, and Effect Spawners in Creative INV
  • Composter- Rotten Flesh to dirt

New RedstoneEdit



  • Difficulty Zombie Apocalypse
  • Rafts

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