Minecraft is a game made by PokeRob for 26 US dollars. It is a game about many topics, however, everything is infact made out of blocks and pixels. The actual thing focuses on architecture and mining and survival, but you can upload many mods onto it. It is also for a matter of fact, a series! So...suck it!

The series will feature a human mob called Rob and a choice of other numerous people going on mods and in the actual thing!

To see the actual thing, see Minecraft Rob's Version (Survival Mode).

To see Rob and his friends adventuring in mods, see Minecraft Rob's Version (Mods).

This game/series features all the mobs from the real thing, plus Penguins in snowy areas, Lions in the deserts, and Tigers and Leopards in the forest/jungles. It will also have snowy armor, pumpkin armor, and pumpkin swords. It will also have Redstone armor, redstone weapons and tools, and Emerald armor, and Emeral weapons and tools.

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