Bats Edit

Bat flying in cave

And hanging on the ceiling

Not really that cool

Chickens Edit

Chickens laying eggs

Players picking them all up

Leaving no white eggs

Cows Edit

A wandering cow

Players with buckets milking

No peace for the cow

Mooshroom Edit

Look, a mushroom cow

Mushroom cows are called mooshrooms

Mushroom stew for me

Pig Edit

Oinking passively

Oinking, oinking, it's too much

I must get away

Rabbits Edit

Hop, hop, hoppity

Staring up at old players

Then bouncing away

Sheep Edit

I see white, white wool

I'm sneaking up with my shears

Now the sheep is bald

Squid Edit

Black, inky squid

Squid swimming in ocean

Oh, ink sacs for me

Villagers Edit

Running when night comes

Searching for a safe shelter

I sleep away night

Cave Spiders Edit

A hiss and a click

Oh great, a blue spider

A poisonous one

Endermen Edit

Shining purple dust

A scary creature in sight

Don't look in it's eyes

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