This is the simplified ruleset of the rules on the wiki. For a more in-depth look andhow the warning/blocking system works, head over to the Community Guidelines.
Rules (Some apply on Chat)
  • No harrassing other users. This includes being mean, cyber-bullying and kind.
  • No posting offensive types of content like blog posts, etc.
  • No editing others' pages without their permission. This includes their user page.
  • No vandalism, spam or profanity (Using blacklisted words, posting inappropriate content)
  • No trolling.
  • No removing content from pages.
  • Please use good grammar. This includes spelling words correctly, using corrent punctuation and using uppercase letters when needed.
  • Do post content from other wikis here without permission.
  • If you have any additional user rights, don't abuse your powers.
  • If you're an admin or bureaucrat, don't give rights to unexperienced or non-trusted users.
  • Do not create pages with the same names or post identical pictures, use already existing ones!
  • Do not copy others' ideas. If you have came up with an idea before someone else, but they posted it before you, have a discussion with that user about the content, instead of dirrectly reporting him/her to an admin.

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