Welcome to the Wiki Policy section of Minecraft Fan Fiction Wiki! Here you will find all the rules when chatting on this Wiki! Take a look below for the rules and kind.


Breaking each of these rules will result in a warning. The kickban system works in this fashion:
  • 1st Warning - None
  • 2nd Warning - Kick
  • 3rd Warning - Ban (The period will be decided by the mod)
A * indicates that when the rule is broken, a kick will be given, then a ban (2 warnings)
A ** indicates that breaking the rule is an instant ban.

  • Be respectful
  • No using blacklisted words
  • No spamming*
  • No using sock puppet accounts**
  • No making sexuality jokes or comments

Enter the Server!

If you're a mod or an admin, please do not kick/ban users without giving them a warning first. Also, if you're a mod. Do not abuse your rights, or you will be demoted.

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