Sol's new additions THAT ARE FAAAAAAAAAAKE.

Ben 10 Edition 1.0Edit

New Feature- OmnitrixEdit

The Omnitrix is found in an Alien Pod that rarely drops from a Creeper.

To unlock an alien, you need it's DNA sample. These can be found dropped in special ways.

Name How to Obtain Powers Size Downsides
Heatblast Kill a Blaze, rare drop Flight, press h while in this form to fire fireballs 2 high, 1 wide Can't swim, automatically sets anything he touches on fire
Diamondhead Kill the rare Diamond Golem Press d while in this form to spawn diamond ore veins where you're standing, all attacks do as much damage as diamond sword 2.5 high, 1.5 wide None
Ghostfreak Kill a Ghast, rare drop Flight, intangibility (press g), invisibility (press i) 2 high, 1 wide Sometime spazes out
Ripjaws Kill a squid, rare drop OHKO's water mobs, can swim and see clearly in water 3 high, 1 wide Gets oxygen bar on land
Wildmutt Kill a wolf, rare drop Can see all entities in red 1.5 high, 2 wide, 3 long Blindness
Grey Matter Kill a Frog Mutant, rare drop Wall climb .5 high, .25 wide Low health, can't use levers, buttons, doors, trapdoors, or pressure plates
Upgrade Mine Redstone (rare drop) Automatically activates all redstone, press g to fire tnt laser

2 high, 

1.5 wide

Compasses ohko him
Four Arms Kill Tetramand Warrior 10 block jump, can double wield touls for twice the damage and speed, no fall damage 3 high, 1.5 wide None
Stinkfly Kill Bird Mutant Fly, g to fire slimeballs 3 long, 2.5 wide, 1.5 high Can't swim
XLR8 Mine gold (rare drop) Sprint walking speed, walks as fast as Endermen fly while sprinting, can run ontop of water 2.5 high, 2 long, 1 wide Gets knockbacked farther
Cannonbolt Kill The Tick boss Ball form is as fast as sprint, press b for ball form, high armor

1.5 high, 2.5 wide/ 1 high, 1 wide in block form

Low health
Way Big Talk to Azmuth High health, press c for cosmic ray, 70 block high jump 34 blocks high, 4 blocks wide, 2 blocks long None
Brainstorm Kill Mutant Crab

L- Fire lightning

C- Hook onto block

Fast in water, no oxygen bar

1.5 high, 1 wide Can't use powers in water
Jetray Kill Enderman, rare drop No oxygen bar, can't die in void, can "teleport" by pressing p and selecting location 2.5 high, 3 wide None
Goop Kill Slime, rare drop (Goopling), craft a UFO and craft it with Goopling Press u to retract into ufo and fly around, g to fire slime balls, h to shapeshift Depends on shapeshift form Lava, fire, slow on land
Alien X Key 1 from Wither, Key 2 from Enderdragon Press c to fire OHKO cosmic ray, can't die, can hover, press p to kill all mobs in a 10x10 area 4 high, 2 wide Can't move
Big Chill Kill a White Necrofiggian Press i to go invisible, can fly, press f to fire freeze ray, press c to unloak and release 10x10 freeze aura 2 high, 1 wide (cloaked)/3 high, 2.5 wide (uncloaked) None
Spidermonkey Kill an Arachnachimp

G- fire grapple

C- Fire cobweb gun

Wall climb

1.5 high, 1.5 wide, 2 long Weak
Echo Echo Rare drop from Enderman

J to fire soundwave

C to produce copies

Double jump

1 high, .5 wide Slow
Swampfire Swamp Thorn rare drop

T to spawn a bunch of plants

F to fire explosive fireballs

2 high, 1 wide Slow, draws in mobs
Humungosaur Kill a Vaxasaurian G to grow huge, M to eat item, P to create shockwave, R to scare away mobs Depends Spaz attacks
Chromastone Kill Stone Creature Automatically stores damage, m to give you 64 energy blocks, l to give you 64 energy slabs, and c to give you 64 stairs, o to fire energy beam 2 high, 1 wide Storing too much damage
Nanomech Kill Nanochip Queen f to fire energy beam, can fly, not noticed by mobs 1/32 of a block everyway One hit kill
Rath Kill Tiffin No fall damage 3 blocks high, 1.5 wide Random spazzes

New ItemsEdit

New BiomesEdit

New RealmsEdit

New MobsEdit

Pokemon Edition 1.0 (Kanto Update)Edit

New MobsEdit

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Legendary MobsEdit


To summon Mewtwo and Mew you need badges by defeating the champion. To defeat the champion, you must defeat the Elite Four, but before that, Gyms. You can either craft the badges or battle the Gym Leaders.

New World TypesEdit

New GamerulesEdit

  • OleMob- Non Pokemon mobs spawn, default false

New Raw MaterialsEdit

New FoodstuffsEdit

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