Ryan In Minecraft Duo on The Rail


Raqin In Minecraft Duo on The Rail

Minecraft Adventure Duo On The Rail Is A Show About a Young Boy Named Ryan Who Lost His Parents In a Creeper Appoclypse. Then The Young Boy Found a Step-Brother That Can Take Care Of Him. They Both Make a Train To Adventure All Minecraft.


Ryan's Info:

Pet: Ginger Cat

Armour: Gold

Weapon: Bow

Future House: Treehouse

Persenal Transportation: Ferry

Current House: Raqin's Treehouse

Own Room: Kiddy Water Room (A Room With a Swimming Pool For Kids)

Age: 14

Raqin's Info:

Pet: Wolf

Armour: Dimond

Weapon: Iron Sword

Future House: None

Personal Transportation: Train

Current House: Raqin's Treehouse

Own Room: Master Bedroom


House Info:

Rooms: Meeting room/Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bar, Master Bedroom, Kiddy Water Room, Training Room, Battle Room, Spa Room, Balcony, Train Station Room.

Address: Lot 102 Swamp, No 3, Swampland Biome, No Slime Org Half.

Neighbour: Witch Hut 101, UNO The Witch's House



Boss General: Ender Dragon

Ryan's Arch Enemy: Snow Golem

Raqin's Arch Enemy: Whitener Skeleton

Minions: Enderman, Creeper, Zombies, Skeleton, Slime, Ghast, Magma Cube, Balze

Assassins: Iron Golem, Spider Jockey, Zombie Pigman, Mutant Steve

Allies Of Ryan and RaqinEdit

UNO The Witch

Razin The DJ


TNT Master

Boat Captain

Ryan's Dad and Mom


Plot and StoryEdit

Ryan's Parents Died Because Creepers Exploded Them. He Go To His Cousin's House and Ask Him To Be His Step-Father. They Found Many Biomes and They Want To Go To Them Using Raqin's Train. And They Will Defeat The Enderarmy And The Ender Dragon.



2.Grass Plains



5.Extreme Hills

6.Snow Plains



9.Mushroom Island

Biomes Created By The Enderarmy/ Other BiomeEdit

10.Forest/Jungle River

11.Frozen River

12.Mushroom Island Shore


14.Frozen Ocean

15.Extreme Hills Edge

16.Jungle Temple

17.Desert Temple

18. Ashville Village

Boss BiomeEdit

19.The Nether (Hell)

20.The End (The Sky)

Upcoming SeriesEdit

There Will Be a Sequal To This Series Called Minecraft Adventure Duo on The Rail: The Solar Power Biome. But I Am Still Planning It So You Mite Wait. The Sequal Will Premier On 20th September 2013 Or 1 January 2014.


1.Awake Ryan, Fight The Power

2.Arise The Boat From Ground

3.Pets Are Wonderful

4. Rayn and Ocelot, Raqin and Wolf

5.Raqin, Go And Swing The Vine

6. Showdown, Raqin VS Whitner Skeleton

7. Find Dimonds and Gold

8. Clime and Fight

9.The Chicken Is Delicious

10.Creeper Explosion, Ocelots Rull

11.The Day Of The Snowfall

12.We Have Found Rayn's Arch Enemy

13.Swim The Ocean, Pirates VS Rayn and Raqin

14.Squids VS Wolf and Ocelots, Ocean Of Tears

15.Mushroom Stew, Cooking Of Mooshroom

16.Mushroom Island's Treasure

17.Ryan Naped Part 1

18.Ryan Naped Part 2

19. The New World, The River Unleashed

20. Squids And Skeletons, Squid Jockey

21. Break The Ice

22. Break The Chain

23. Mushroom Island's Water Overflows

24. No More Mooshrooms Anymore

25.Summer Stars, Best Day Ever

26. Summer Showdown, Rayn VS Snow Golem

27. Players VS Squids

28. Pirates and Players VS Skeletons and The Iron Golems

29. Extreme Falls

30. TNT Mall

31. Back To The Jungle

32. Jungle's Hidden Gold, Upgrade Rayn

33. Temple Again

34. Desert Slimes VS Ocelots and Wolfs

35. Villagers Welcome

36. Villagers and Players VS Creepers and Zombie Pigman

37. Heart Of The Ender, Blazes Showdown, Rebirth The Ender Dragon

38. Finale, Rayn's Hope, Ryan VS Enderdragon, Rayn's Evoulution

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