PROLOGUE-The Prophecy

Long ago, many humans lived and prospered. Among these people, there was a man who was named Steve.  Steve was different than the others though.  He was quick-witted and had a vast knowledge of ancient secrets.  Also he had an unquenchable thirst for Adventure.

One day Steve was exploring outside on one of his long treks, deep in a desert.  He saw a Temple, perfect! He thought. Steve was very familiar with these.  The ancient world left these to hide treasures of glory and wealth.  

In the ancient world, these "Ancient Beings" called The Highmen once ruled the world.  The Highmen are believed as those who created the world that we live in and held secrets of the Universe.  Some Scientists believe they do not exist, nor ever did. But remains such as these temples prove otherwise.

The building was interesting and all but he knew he had to get underneath it.  He headed to the center and dug down.  Soon he pulled out of the pit with the treasure he started to leave but as he did the entrance collapsed.  'Was not sounding that stable anyway.  

He Climbed to the second floor to exit out the top, as he was almost out he stopped.  There was a pressure plate. Probably a boobie-trap he thought, just then he hoped he was wrong. He just stepped on it, crrrggg. The wall behind him lowered to show a secret room.  

He walked over and looked upon the wall.  An ancient writing covered it. Steve opened his satchel which he kept some books in.  He pulled out one and began to decipher the writing. . .

In the future, when Highmen walk no more.

A tragic apocalypse occurs with a roar.

Monsters of the ancient world will roam.

Every last human will die except one with no home.

The barrier between the world and hell will fall.

Herobrine will return and once again stand tall.

3 ancient evils will be released.

But until their defeat there will be no peace.

Steve was startled, he ran home. Could the person be me? He thought.  The idea of ancient monsters roaming the world again, and all humans dying except him sent shivers down his spine. And then who was this Herobrine guy?

When he reached home he tried to warn his home town of the prophecy but he realized it had already happened. He saw silouettes of weird creatures that wrecked havoc to the village.  They were already dead. Realizing nothing was left for him, he ran away.  He had been on long treks before, but this time he would not be returning.

Not long after he began his journey, Steve found himself deep in a thick jungle.  It was getting late and Steve was tired.  He looked around for a decent place to spend the night.  Suddenly he noticed a Small hut-like building made out of stone.  He walked inside and nearly had a heart attack at his sight.

There was a man, frozen in ice.  He looked exactly like Steve, but his eyes glowed a ghastly white color.  Horrified at his discovery he started to back up until he hit a wall. But with that came a click and so did the realization he hit a button.

The room started to fill up with steam.  Steve coughed and wheezed until the steam cloud started to disappear through the gaps in the wall and he saw the man emerge onto his feet unfrozen.  

Steve nearly screamed and tried to run away.  But as he nearly was out of the building he stopped running and was lifted into the air.   The man was levitating him.  The man pulled him closer, and then threw him against a wall.  Steve yelped in pain only to notice he was in the air again until he was sent flying through the air. He soared far, far away the jungle and eventually hit the ground with a loud thud.  Steve was just able to peak his head up far enough to catch a glimpse of a man with a long nose before blacking out.

CHAPTER 1-The First Creature from the ancient world

Steve awoke in the middle of a forest. Just then, as he processed what had happened, he realized that the prophecy was true, which meant he was the only human left.  He is the last one and must destroy the evils that have been released.  He stood up, and walked over to small pond.  He looked down to see his reflection.  However it was not his reflection he saw, but instead the man with no eyes that he unfroze. He screamed loudly.

“Ugh,” he woke up realizing it was a nightmare.  He got up and quickly surveyed where he was; in a house, but not his. He sat up onto the side of the bed and yawned. Just then a man came in the room.  He had a strangely long nose and wore a solid brown robe, while also having a head slightly larger than his.

“Oh, you’re up,” the man exclaimed. “Whoa, wait who are you, and where am I?” Sputtered Steve as clearly as he could.  “Me, well I am tom, one of the farmers in this village.”

So I am in a village. Steve had heard of villages and villagers. The villagers were some kind of descendent to the Highmen. Related to them, but not human. That would explain why they are not dead.

“Well, what’s going on, you should know,” Steve asked again still unsure of why he was here.  “Something scared Chris today,” Tom said quietly.  “Some creature, that was green with a black face, blew itself up along with half the house.”

Steve thought to himself for a second. It must be one of the ancient creatures.  That means that the prophecy is true. “Sir,” Steve said adamantly. “I must see the leader of this village.”

Tom nodded and without hesitation showed him to a man wearing a bright red robe. “George,” tom said. The man turned around.  “Hello tom, hello sir.  I do not believe you have told us your name yet,” George said in a deep voice. “Oh, um, yeah, it is Steve,” Steve replied. “Well, Steve welcome to our village.”  

“George, um,” Steve hesitated at the thought that they he may freak out and panic. However, he was sure a village leader was able to handle such news. “I must speak with you about an urgent matter.”

George was quiet for a second. “Ok, but it cannot happen this second, as I must speak with our librarian about the accident. I am sure tom has told you about what happened to Chris’s house last night. But if you wish you may come with me to see her. You can tell me after that.”

“That would be great,” Steve replied.

“Mary? Mary? Mary where are you?” Tom yelled loudly through the building. “I’m right here,” she appeared from behind a bookcase. “Seriously, this is a library you don’t need to yell.” Her voice was quiet and calm.

“We would like some info on the creature that attacked Chris,” said George.

“Well, that was what I was doing, hold on a sec.” For about a minute all you heard then was some shuffling of books and her quiet no’s indicating it was the wrong book.

“Alright, finally, here we are.” Shortly Mary came out of behind a bookshelf. She had a long nose, which did not matter now since Steve realized they all do, and wearing a white robe. “Here you go,” Mary said softly as she dropped a book on the table.

It was thick, not too thick, but enough to weigh at least 10 pounds. Steve announced the title to everyone. “The Creatures of the Ancient World.” “This should have it if anything does,” Mary said.  

Steve opened the book and flipped to the page based off the brief description he was given to him by Tom.  A creature with a green body and a black face.  He found a creature that fit.  "Zombie?" Steve read in disbelief.  He did not know much about them but the thought of a zombie causing huge destrcution made almost no sense.  

"Uh, Steve that is not it," tom said with a small laugh.  He turned the page and then pointed showing that it was the correct one.  There was a small drawing indicating what the creature looked like.  Steve cleared his throat, and then began reading. . .

The Ancient Creeper Monster is a ghastly, four-legged, armless creature.  It stalks its victim silently when it comes into view.  Once inside a 3 meter range of it, the creeper activates its purposeful explosive pack located inside its head.  The resulting explosion can cause substantial damage.  On a rare occasion, the monster may get hit by lightning.  When this happens some unknown reaction occurs within the creature and a reflective blue shield is grown around it.  Besides this, the lightning can cause a sort of Super-enhancement to the creatures explosives, thus greatly amplifying the the sixe and damage caused.  Some often call them the natural living version of a suicide bomb.

"That is all it says," Steve said as he looked up.  "Hmmmmmm," hummed George acknowledging the info Steve read.  Steve thought to himself that this book might help in his quest to destroy the evils.  He was ready to ask but also a bit nervous.  

"Um uh, Mary.  Do you think I could borrow this for a while?" Steve asked nervously.  "What for?" Replied George quizzically without even giving Mary a chance to answer.  "Well, you see George, that is what I wanted to talk to you about.  

Steve relayed everything to him that had happened, even the part about running away from his family.  He told him about the prophecy, and that it was his fault the evil was released that must be the leader and plans to free the other two.  

"Dark times are upon us," George whispered sighing.  "Won't you tell the village?" Steve asked.  "I will tomorrow at the annual meeting of the villages, along with the rest.  I Hope you know we will not let you do this yourself."

"Well thanks, because I am going to need all the help I can get."

"Goodnight Steve. Also, the building you woke up in, it’s yours."

"Alright, that’s nice of you and goodnight.

CHAPTER 2-The Meeting of the Villages

“Wake up!” George said in a loud whisper as he shook Steve.  “Wuh, uh-huh?” Steve moaned as he tried to pull his head up. He looked at the clock. “What is going on, why would you wake me at 11:30 at night?” Steve muttered still drowsy from little sleep.

“Steve,” George whispered to him. “The Meeting of the villages is soon.”

“At this time?”

“Yes, the annual meeting of the villages is held once every year at midnight.”

“I wish you would have told me sooner, I would’ve gone to bed earlier.”

“Too late now, so are you gonna come to the meeting or no?”

“Um, yeah, yeah just give me a minute to get up and get ready.”

George pointed in the direction of where the meeting spot is. “Grab one of the horses over there, we must hurry. It will begin soon. Everyone else is already there, left about half hour ago.”

Steve hurried to grab a horse and soon they rode off in the dim moonlight. When they arrived, Steve looked around. Among the many villagers, he recognized Mary. George handed Steve a lead to tie his horse up to the fence with.

He motioned Steve to follow him to a spot at the front next to tom. “Eh, so finally you got up Steve,” Tom said with a chuckle. With just a quick glimpse he could see Tom had not gotten as much sleep either. Steve looked around some more, beyond the residents of the village he was in.  

He noticed one person from each village was wearing a red robe, just like George. Those must be the other leaders, he thought. After a second, Steve realized one village had a lot more villagers than the other ones. Also there was no one with a red robe, but instead one with a dark green robe.

Steve realized from his knowledge that dark green meant the leader of a community of local villages. But something was wrong; village communities had at least 10 villages. This only had nine. He felt tempted to ask George what that was about, and he did.  “Well, we had 10,” George said is a rather sad voice. “But the tenth was the victim of a sad, sad siege of zombies.”

Trying to close the subject, George pointed out that the meaning was beginning shortly.

“Alright Steve,” George said softly as to only Steve could hear. “I have talked to Master Lorem about the problem. He believes it is a serious business and is going to have all the villages help you. When he says so, I want you to go up there and tell everyone about it and what action we need to take. Got it?” Steve lightly nodded his head and pointed that the meeting was starting.

“Fellow citizens of our village community,” Master Lorem announced with a loud booming voice.  “Welcome to the 236 Annual Meeting of the villages.  Now normally these meetings are filled with news, new laws, and plenty of festivities. But unfortunately, this one will be short, but will focus on preventing what could be the end of the world as we know it. Here to stop it and explain further datails, I give you Steve.  

Steve realized that now he was time to speak. He stood up and began speaking.  "I am so sorry that this has come, but i have found a prophecy in an ancient temple.  It spoke of ancient creatu" es roaming the earth, and every last human except me dying.  which happened.  And as I admit it is my fault of my fear, as i saw the leader evil and I backed into the controll that released him.  But now, i need you help.  I cannot take on the evil by myself.  And i have figured that he would plan to release the other evils from there locations and onto our world and cause destruction to us all.  So i will ask you to join and help me take on the evils," Steve stood silently as he heard the crowds of villagers mermering to each other.  

One asked "what should we do to help?"  

"A first is I need top skilled fighters."

"Okay that is it they have heard enough for the night." Master Lorem told Steve. He announced that it was time for the villagers to go back home.  "Village leaders stay, with you shall hear us discuss in more detail a plan.  

"Tell us your plan Steve," Master Lorem said.  

"Alright, I will need a team of the top fighters. They will come with me and tom to fight the evils.  But before we can do anything, i need miners to gather resources for Armor and Weapons.  I need priests to then enchant the armor and weapons, because they do it best.  Farmers, just as important, food is a necessity.  We do not know how long we will be in the heat of battle so we will need food to keep us from getting hungry. And oh yeah, one last thing.  Does anyone have a alchemist?" Steve looked around but the crowd of leaders went silent.   

Steve felt a tap on his shoulder.  He turned around and saw Master Lorem.

"We have a few in the capitol village," he said quietly.  

"Alright, good because we will need potions, very useful.  Have them brew mostly healing but do some others as well." Steve looked around for one last time.

"That is the plan."

As they arrived back home, Steve was heading back to bed.  "Some plan," Tom said as he yawned sleepily.  "it is good, but not sure i would call it a plan."

"Well Tom, it is a plan of action, or more of preperation in this case."

"When you put it that way, i guess it makes since."

"Goodnight Tom"

Steve than vanished into his house and climbed into bed.  I hope they will do well to help, Steve thought to himself.  We are gonna need it.

CHAPTER: 3-Secrets of the Evils

Steve awoke and looked out the window.  It was midday.  He climbed out of his bed and headed outside.  He looked around and saw tom talking to George.  He walked over.

"Well, so you are finally up," Tom said with a small laugh.  "George wouldn't let me wake you.  I understood, you mustv'e been tired after this morning."  "Good morning, and yeah, so well what have i missed?"

"Well the villagers were either enthusiasticto help with  your plan, or they're scared they will die if they dont work hard," Laughed George.  "Well Probably both!" Tom said.

They just broke out laughing after that.  Steve just stared at them unamused.  "Well let's just say they have been working in overdrive.  At the current rate it might as well be only a few days before we have a team prepared," George said. "I got some bussiness to attend to."

As soon as he was gone, Steve leened over and whispered in Tom's ear, "I did not want to scare the people, but besides Herbrine i know nothing about the other two evils."

"Wasn't there anything in the book about the ancient creatures about them?" Tom whispered back understanding that an out loud discussion might drive chaos of fear between the people. "I checked from one cover to the next, nothing at all," Steve answered cautiously.

Their conversation came to an end when they noticed a villager running right to there location.  "Eddy? Is that you?" Tom asked in suprise.  "Oh, i'm sorry. Steve this is Eddy, one of the messengers of a special class that is allowed to carry meessages between the different villages within our community.

"Uh. . . . um. . . .  hold . . on. . ." Eddy said panting, as he collapsed of exhaustion. I probably would be to had I run all the way from one of the other villages.  Steve thought to himself.

As soon as Eddy caught his breath,  he stood up and alerted them of a report.  "I came to tell you of something the miners found.  It is some very large structure buried deep underground.  They believe it has some relation to the Highmen.  They want you to check it out.  And if it has a relation to the Highmen. . ." Eddy was cut off as Tom finished his sentance. ". . . It might have some relation to the evils."  "That is correct, if they are right, we need to check it out." Steve replied happily.  "They are not entirely sure what it is, but they are sure that it is not an old abandon mineshaft," Eddy said.

Intrigued, Tom asked if he could come along.  "Well of course, you are my partner in this, you have to come," Steve said.  "But I need to grab my sword and some torches first."

Steve ran  back into his house to get ready.  "So, how are we doing as far as progress?" Tom asked Eddy.  "Well in short, we have got our team. Top-skilled fighters just as Steve asked. About 30 men for the team, number wise. We are just about full on the ores we need.  Thanks to the alchemists amazing work, we are ahead of schedule with potions.  And we got plenty of food.

Steve reappeared wearing and iron helmet, and carrying a diamond sword.  On his back was a daimond pickaxe, along with an iron shovel, and of couse on his side was his satchel.  He practically never went anywhere without it.  "Eddy, would you be nice and show us the way?" Steve asked. Well of course," Eddy said laughing hard now.  "I have to head back home anyway don't I?"

When they reached the village, Eddy pointed to a large building in the middle of the village.  Upon arrival inside, Steve was in aw at the sight.  An open area near the side of the room had walls lined with numerous pickaxes and shovels.  A large room along the side of the building was dedicated to smelting ores.  Below the glass at his feet he could see dozens of miners working down in  a qaurry.  Along the rest tunnels scattered everywhere with rails connecting every single one to another and a way to the groung in a fashion that seemed to outscale any other rail system ever invented."We got it all," Eddy boasted in delight.  "And it even conviently goes to the black smith.  

Steve saw a man walking towards them.  He carried an iron pickaxe, and was covered in dust and grime, but he seemed happy anyway.  "Hi I'm mal, i am happy to see you have comed to check out our discovery." He said joyfully.  "Eddy, you may go now. As for you Tom and Steve, follow me.  I will show you where it is.

After traveling through a maze of tunnels for what seemed like forever, they arrived at where the miners had broken through.  "Well, this is as far as I go," Mal said waving his hand in farewell.  "I'm am no explorer."

Steve and Tom walked in cautiously.  Steve gave tom a torch and they explored, making sure to keep together. At every turn, Steve slammed a mark into the stone with his pickaxe.  "Want to make sure we know are way out," Steve said when he saw Tom had a confused look on his face.

"Look," Tom pointed down a lond corridor that lead to what looked like a library.  They ran down to see if they were correct.  They were, but as soon as they reached the entrance, Steve issued a halt of movement.  Tom looked around. Cobwebs and piles of books everywhere.  They stood on top of a balcony that went along the sides of the library.

"Are these books written in by the Highmen?" Tom asked.  Steve did not answer.  His eyes were focused on the other side of the room.  A black, slender creature was making horrific noises and rummaging through a book pile.  It was taller than both of them, about 3 meters.  

Suddenly the creature turned and looked around, Tom looked into its eyes.  They glowed purple and as soon as Steve realized Tom was gazing at it, it was too late.  The creature disappeared.  Steve had remembered it from looking through the book about ancient creatures, so he knew about it.  But Tom didn't, and he did not know that you should never look into its eyes.  Tom turned around, it was right there.  "Did that thing just. . . . auughhh!" Tom screamed as the thing slugged him right in the chest.  "Taken  suprise by the Scream, Steve turned and saw it.  "TOM!!" Steve's Scream echoed throughout the structure.

The creature Disapeared again, before reappearing again on the lower level. Driven mad by rage, Steve grabbed his sword and lunged off the balcony, screaming at the beast.  But the beast saw him quickly disappeared once again, showing up along the bookcase on the other side of the library.  Steve fell uselessly to the ground where the beast once lay.  It was teleporting.  He heard it coming the next time and threw his sword right at it.  It split right through the creatures head before ita body dropped lifelessly down.  

Steve retrieved his sword and ran over to help Tom.  "Are you okay?" he asked as he lifted his head up.  "That thing hits like an iron golem," he said in a small voice before vomiting all over the ground.  Steve helped him to his feet.  "Can you walk?" Steve asked. "Ugh, yeah."

"Wait, what is that?" Tom asked as he pointed to a book that lay on the ground beside them."The creature must have dropped that before it hit me."  Steve went over and brushed off some grime from the cover.  He did not pull out his book to decipher the title.  He didn't need to.  He knew those words in anctient writing by heart now.  The Ancient Evils.  Tom thought reading the title to himself.  "What is it?" Tom asked in a sick cough.  "It is our ticket to winning the fight," Steve said with a smirk on  his face.

CHAPTER 4-The First Evil

“Are you feeling better?” Steve asked worriedly.  “That  creature you two encountered bruised up his ribs pretty bad,” Said the doctor as he walked in.  “It was a powerful hit, he should not talk, because the punch he suffered caused some soreness in his vocal cords.  Talking will only make things more painful for him.”

“So how long until he heals?” asked Steve.  “As bad as it was it should only take about the rest of the day, he has healed mostly.”  As soon as the doctor left the room, steve went back over to Tom.

“Ok so i know you cannot talk right now, but that doesn't mean I can't talk to you,” Steve said to Tom.  “I looked up the creature that attacked you.  It is called an enderman.  It teleports, and only attacks when someone looks into its eyes.  Go figure.  But the book we found, the one about the three evils, was missing pages.  The other two evils are in there, but the other was missing.  But back to the enderman.”

Steve pulled out his book and flipped to the page to the enderman, “it says that the enderman comes from an alternate dimension, The End Region.  The end Region contains a small island floating in a void of  nothingness in all directions forever beyond the small platform.  It also says it has a Dragon that lives there.  I think that the dragon is the evil missing from the book.”

If that is so, since we have got our team ready, along with the materials needed for a battle, as soon as you heal, we will be heading there.”  Steve smiled.  “And you may ask where is some portal or entrance to the end region.  Well i believe since that the structure is where we found  the enderman, i bet we will find the portal too.” Steve left the room and sat planning out a possible strategy for taking down a dragon.  

For the rest of the day, Steve went back exploring the library back in the stronghold somemore.  He noticed the enderman's dead body had not been moved since his last visit.  He located a map, along with a box.  A painting of a black dragon was painted on the lid.  Steve was sure this was what he needed and headed back to his house.

That night Steve went through the map.  He believed it showed the portals location within the structure.  He opened the box for the first time.  Inside were something weird.  Something that looked like a glass eye composed of green, blue, and turqoise colors all put somewhere in it.  They were many of them, 10 he counted.  Tired, Steve put the box away and went to bed. Tomorrow they would be going to fight the dragon and Tom would be joining them.

“Hey Steve,” yelled Tom waking up Steve from his deep sleep.  “Oh, you got out of the hospital already?” Steve said as he yawned.  “Yeah, am the team and I are ready to get going to fight the dragon.” “Ok, alright just give me a second to get ready.

Steve jumped out of bed and grabbed his sword and bow.  He donned his diamond armor which had been specially made the occasion.  Lastly he grabbed the box and the map, along with his satchel.  He ran out the door to see his team waiting.

Once again they find themselves at the underground structure.  At this point steve opened the box to examine the eyes to see if he could find there purpose.  But as the second he opened the box, one of the eyes flew up into the air and started flying down a corridor.  

“Maybe it is supposed to show us the way to the portal,” Tom said with a sense of unsureness in his voice.  “Maybe,” Steve repeated.  “But lets hope it's more than maybe.”  

They followed it until it found the entrance to a room.  It fell to the floor.  “is this it? Tom asked.  Suddenly, a little stirring noise came from the ground.  “What the?” said one of the men from the team.  “SILVERFISH!” Screamed Steve as he wacked his sword at it.  “Where are they coming from?” One of them asked.  Steve looked around.  “There!' Steve pointed.  It was a small fiery cage, with a small silverfish being swirled around inside.  Tom dashed over and smashed it with its pickaxe.  

Once they all calmed down, Steve walked up the steps of where the cage used to be.  He saw a floating frame of twelve tables right above a pool of tables.  The inside of the frame was empty, but Steve noticed a small circular gap in each of the tables.  “How do we turn it on?” Tom asked cluelessly.  “I think I have an idea,” Steve said.  

He opened the box he grabbed an eye and put it in the gap in one of the tables.  It fit perfectly.  After that everyone else did until all nine tables had an eye in them.  As the last one was placed, the eyes glowed and a deep black field generated within the frame.  

Steve looked around at everyone, signaled to wait a second before they went through.  Steve jumped in.  For a second everything was dark but then he found himself inside a small enclosed space.  Figuring his best chance was to try digging upwards, he went to the side and started digging a path up.

When he hit the surface, he knew he was in the right spot because an island floating in an endless void was where he was.  As he looked around he noticed some obsidian towers with some floating crystals atop them.  Each side had a strange symbol on it.  Before long Steve noticed everyone else had come through, examining the landscape with him.  Numerous endermen scattered the island.  “So,” One of the men said.  “Where is the dragon?”

Just then Steve saw a large, black dragon comes their way.  “DUCK!” he yelled and just as everyone jumped out of the way the dragon flew by just into the ground leaving a trail of destruction behind it.  It flew back up into the air and right by one of the towers.  A wide, Purple beam from the crystal atop the towers shot towards him.  

“I think it is healing it,” Tom yelled.  “Then shoot the crystals,” Steve ordered.  As ordered they shot at all the towers and each mystical crystal went out with a large explosion.  Soon all the crystals were knocked out and the dragon was targeting them now.  

Each of them climbed up one of the towers and took positions bows in hand.   The dragon swooped around angrily at almost knocked them off the pillars.  They shot with accuracy and there arrows flew from their enchanted bows like a feather in the air. The dragon made a suprising turn in the air and knocked one of the men off a pillar.  Tom raced over and caught him saving him from a flattening demise.  

Flaming arrows flew through the air like streaks of light in the darkness.  Tom saw the dragon coming towards him and steve and dived out of the way shooting a arrow which impaled it's left wing causing it to spiral uncontrollably.  Steve got caught on the dragon's neck and wall pulled into the air on its back.  As the dragon unstably once again grew aboirne, a large rumple opened the ground with a secret cave.  Steve looked closely inside it and saw a small structure which held a portal, similiar to the one they entered in.  Atop a small pillar in the center was a small black and violet, round object.

An egg Steve thought realizing that he had they had made a large mistake.  Steve thought to himself, This creature was not a evil, it was trying to protect its egg, and it saw us as a threat to it.

Steve understood now, but was pulled back into reality when another arrow impaled the dragon's wing again, driving it into the ground.  All the men jumped to the ground landing safely in the feather falling enchanted boots.

As they all walked over a loud yell from tom filled the empty void in which the dimension was held.  “FINISH IT”.  Steve looked at the injured creature and heard a soft moan of sadness.

“NO!” steve yelled. “no?-” repeated tom in suprise. “It is not an evil, we invaded its land and threatened its young”, steve said as he pointed in the direction of the unvieled cave. “This is not one of the evils. Go now, i will return with you in a minute.” steve told his men and tom who was still in shock.  

They did as ordered and jumped through the portal.  As soon as they were all through steve pulled out a healing potion and threw it at the dragon curing its wounds and pain.  “Im sorry,” steve whispered quietly.  “Pleasen forgive us, we shall not disturb you again.”  A forgiving roar cave from the dragon and steve knew what it meant.

Suddenly, they were interupted by a hatching sound coming from the cave, they both looked to see the egg had broke, and emerged a small cute baby dragon. He was excited to see the dragon was finally a mother.  He gave the dragon a small smile before whispering goodbye to the dragon and wandered over by the baby dragon  before he laid back and fell in the portal.  

Chapter 5- The Lord of The Nether

Steve was silent most of the next morning, he was still upset at himself for mistaking the poor dragon as one of the evils they were hunting.  But this did open up the question again, what is the third evil?  

Realizing that there was no time to try to think of something else to figure out the answer, so he pulled out the journal of the evils and started studying up on the other evil that was still in the book.  The book showed a man lighting the inner-side of a frame of obsidian on fire.  The evil was supposed to be located in Hell, or as the booked called the nether.  

Steve finally came to the conclusion they must repeat what is shown in the drawing to activate a portal.  Luckily thanks to some of the towers collapsing during the dragon battle, plenty of obsidian was carried when it ended.  

Steve headed to the village center, this is where steve planned to meet with his team tp deal with the other evil.  Steve directed his team to the book showing and announcing his plan to get to the nether.  

Not after too long,the team assembled, the Portal was made, and the trip to the evil was ready to commence.  Prepared to fight their next large fight the men were jumping through the portal with a motivated attitude that this evil was for surely an evil, not a mistake.  No holdbacks, they were all ready to tear the beast to shreds.  

The nether dimension was just like steve pictured, lava everywhere a large cave-like structure made of strange rock and some wierd humanoid pig-people wandering everywhere with a golden sword.  

After a little exploration, steve motioned for his team to halt.  The whole area forward was blocked by a deep pit.  Tom, who was trying to catch up has he had been caught behind, ran up asking why everyone had stopped before mistiming his stop and pushing everyone into the pit.  

Steve woke up with his face all slurred and moaning and aching of pain from the faceplant he had made on the ground.  Steve helped everyone up and pointed to a smalll chamber ahead of them.  It was carefuly constructed and was made of some maroon bricks made of another unknown substance.  Like a temple, steve thought.

Observing the construction they carefully moved there eay into the building.  Suddenly one of them stumpled on a button shutting s door behind them blocking there exit.  A scary hiss filled the room.  

“Be on your guard,” steve said.  It had been a while since he spoke aloud to his team.  Startled steve pulled his sword from his back and looked around.  His team did the same.  Suddenly a whole bunch of skeletons appeared out of nowhere and they grfew all together spinning with a grayinsh ,deathly cloud arount them until they were reassembled into slightly taller skeletons who came to life and ttacked them.  

They tore through them easily, but they were quite fast and were somewhat a challange.  After they were remaining piles of bones again a treachorous roar filled the room oonoce more and emerging from the darkness a 3 skulled, skeletal beast appeared.  It had a ribcage and 3 skulls on it.  The rest was missing and it floated above the ground in a ghastly manner.

“The Wither,” Tom said nervously holding out his sword at the beast.  The creature floated up high,  to high for any melee attacks.  So the team opted for there bows.  Steve gave the word and they opened fire on the evil.  

The creature Absorbed most of the shots and returned fire with the heads from the downed skeletons.  “Skulls?” Tom asked suprised.  But his words were shattered when the skulled landed, and it burst into an explosion sending everyone off there feet to the ground behind them.  

“Take cover,” Steve yelled as more of the explosive skulls cave flying there way. The team broke up into small groups and hid behing stones along the ground along the walls of the room.  The wither looked around and the men looked up from behind there cover and countinuosly opened fire with arrows jerking the beast here and there.  

Shearly overwhelmed by the impulse of all the arrows the wither lowered itself and casted a blue shield around itself and it grew silent.  “I think it's trying to regenerate Steve,” Tom said.  “Attack!” Steve ordered agreeing.  

One by one, they each pulled out there sword and lunged at the beast, impaling the Wither with there swords.  Determined not to lose, The Wither pulled out of its state and shrieked loudly with a repulsing burst of black energy from it sending everyone flying off it and into a wall.  Weakened by the swords which still remain inside it, the wither shook unstably side-to-side before falling on its side.  Nearly everyone, including Steve, was knocked unconsious.

Tom noticed his chance and jumped onto his feet, grabbed steve's sword out of his hands, and took a daring leap at the creature stabbing the sword straight through its center skull.  A large shriek of agonizing pain filled the room before the creature fell over, and disinigrated into a dark mist.  

Tom threw Steve's sword to the ground and retrieved his own.  Soon after, Steve and his fellow men arose in cconfusion.  “Where's the evil?” Steve asked in wonder looking at tom, who was covered in dirt and all messy.  Tom left a large grin on his face before announcing triumphantly,”I killed it,”

As everyone went to retrieve there swords which appeared quite shiny still, even after being shoved inside a Ghastly creature, steve came  over and gave tom a pat on the shoulder.  “Good job,” he said happily as he grabbed his own sword, placing it back on his back.  

“So now what?” Tom asked.  “Well, i guess we should return home and figur-.” Steve was interupted as he saw a small scroll on the ground lying underneath the wither's death spot.  

Steve walked over and deciphered the message on the scroll. . .

Dear Wither,

I believe that the cursid humans are coming to try and kill you, they found out about the dragon not being one of us evils sooner than i planned.  I shall awake the true second first evil on there home as soon as they leave the village.  While they are gone i will destroy the remaining villages and you deal with them and then we can together once again rule the world.


Steve read it allowed to the team so they could here.  They took it in at at that second, Steve realized what this meant.  Herobrine had released the other evil and was destroying the defensless villages right now!  He planned it all along, that steve would take all the fighter's from the villages to hunt down the evils, leaving them vulnerable.  He had played right into his hands, and now they were about to lose everything that could possibly get the world alive again.  They had to return and fight herobrine once and for all, before they lose everything.

Chapter 6-The Final Battle

Steve, tom, and everyone were racing back to the portal.  How could i have been so stupid? How could i have fallen for such a stupid trick? Steve kept asking himself as they made there way to the portal.  He was so angry with himself.  Two evils have united and are destroying their home as they speak.

Finally they made it to the portal and ran through returning to the one they made just a small distance away from the village.  Everyone looked over at the village to see the worst.  A giant zombie was stomping through the village with normal zombies beating down doors and chasing villagers rampant.  

They ran over as fast as they could only to see that many villagers had already been infected by the zombie plague.  Steve stood back and watched as his team ran in and trying to save the villagers stuck inside there homes, just became zombified themselves.  Tom stood next to him and watched too, the horror.  Only they remained unifected.

Tom knew what he had to do, it would be dangerous, but he knew what he had to do.  Before steve could react he jumped on the back of a horse and soared off toward the other villages.

Steve did not notice until he was already out of sight what happened to him.  Scared, alone, and helpless steve watched and cried as he saw right before him herobrine and the giant zombie tearing apart the village building by building, infecting family by family.  Running in would do nothing but get himself infected, and all he could do was sit and watch as the horror continues with chaos.

Steve was about to make a mad dash away when herobrine noticed him and pointed the giant zombie toward him.  

“Well, well, well.  Look who decided to show up to see the end of the world firsthand?” Came in a caughing, deep voice from herobrine.

“I will never let you win,” Steve returned realizing that he was wrong.

“Foolish humans, i have already one.  Your team is infected, your most trusted ally has abandoned you, and now you will be killed as well, “

Steve knew that all was lost and there was nothing he could do, but he still was determined to keep himself alive.  Herobrine motioned for the giant to step on Steve, but each time he evaded the foot coming at him.  

The giant tried to punch steve, but being so huge his movements were slowed to smaller things.  Timing it just right, steve jumped on his arm and jumped up to the shoulder which herobrine stood on.

“So it has come to this,” Steve said with a small grin on his face.  

He reached for his sword and swung multiple times at herobrine, but he kept avoiding the blows easily,  he grabbed up steve with his mysterious levitation and spoke again in his low, rustic voice.

“Resisting is pointless, you could never defeat me.  This seems to be familiar, oh i know.  From when you freed me, and once again you are going to take a lethal throw, but this time no one will be able to help you.”

Herobrine flung steve into the air as he fell the long distance before landing on the ground with a large thud. Greatly injured and unable to move, steve could do nothing but look as the giants foot once again came his way.  

I'm already dead, steve thought to himself, I have lost.  Steve closed his eyes and waited to be flattened to a puddle

Suddenly, just as the giant was about to step on steve, a large familiar roar came from the distance. Everyone, even herobrine looked to there side to see that the roar was from nothing other than the ender dragon, with its child flying behind it, and on the dragons back was no other than Tom.  

Steve looked and stared as he saw Tom ride the dragon right into the giant, knocking it over crashing into the ground. Herobrine jumped off, and enraged lifted up the dragon with his levitation and shook tom off it vigorously.  

Watching this happen, steve stood up, ignoring his pain and ran over to catch tom and also ran up a hill, jumping and grabbing hold of the dragon.  As herobrine shook it continously, steve managed his way up.  He grabbed his sword from his back and made a large leap into the air with his sword facing straight at herobrines glowing white eyes.  

In an instant steves sword tore right into his head and he screamed with an un-earthly sound and vanished.  Taken care of herobrine steve jumped to the dragon and quietly whispered into it's ear,”thanks for saving us.”

Herobrine was dead, but the giant was returning to it's feet and the dragon swooped to the ground and picked up tom.  They road the dragon heading straight for the giant and once they got close, the dragon opened its large mouth and sprayed a toxic gas from its mouth at the giant who choked on the poisonious air and fell over to the ground as a lifeless body.  

It was over, the evils were dead.  The zombies vanished that had been terrorizing the village, but the infected souls remained.  Steve gave a sad look at the village before tom pulled out another book he had grabbed at the undersground structure's library.  He pointed to it which was open to a page, a cure for zombififcation.  

The dragon swooped over the village and steve and tom threw some weakness potions and then some golden apples they had kept handy and within a flash, the zombied villagers were cured of the infection.  

They flew around to the rest of the villages neighboring it and cured all the zombied villagers there too.  Steve was finally happy once again.  He may of lost his old family but he had made a new one, a better one.

About the Author.  

McKinley Carpenter is a young teenage boy who souly loves to play minecraft.  He loves gaming a lot, he is not a hardcore gamer, but he still prefers it more than anything.  Born in a small town called Big Rapids in Michingan, McKinley currently lives in Mt. Pleasant with his dad, step mother, and his older sister and younger brother.  He did not plan to end up writing a story, but it turned into one.  


I want to thank my family for all the support i have been given.  I especially want to thank my brother keegan for introducing me to such a wonderful game and teaching me that minecraft, with a little imagination, can be expanded from what is corely in the game.  Thanks to All of you for giving me the courage to write this, even my parents.  Who seem to be annoyed that i love minecraft so much and express it.

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