Minecraft: SECRETS REVEALED! is a program/documentary about secret files of MC that Notch suppossedly left behind created by Cartoon44.


These are several documentaries that describe about lost or hidden mobs, stories, bosses, blocks and even biomes. These documentaries were later made after finding several left behind files that belonged to Notch.


  1. "Titanium"
  2. "Atlantis"
  3.  Herobrine
  4.  Ather
  5. Why do Creepers resemble so much to Snakes?
  6.  Air Block
  7.  TBA
  8.  TBA
  9.  TBA
  10.  TBA
  11.  TBA
  12.  TBA
  13.  TBA
  14.  TBA
  15.  TBA
  16. TBA

(Season 1)


  • Notch

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