MineCraft: A New World is a series by OmniDragon.


After Notch Completely Reboots MC, a player gets transferred into the game and has to beat the game to get out.


  • Dakota- A player suck in. wears a black shirt and blue jeans. Has a pet wolf and a Adapter Dragon.
  • Buddy- Dakota's pet wolf. has a black and Blue collar. Very Brave.
  • Rex-Dakota's pet Adapter Dragon. Smart and Sarcastic.
  • Steve-The second in command of the team. Wears default clothes
  • Sarah-Nathan's sister. Has a pet Ocelot.Wears Pink shirt and black pants. Smar and sassy
  • Nathan- Sarah's brother. Wears Blue shirt and black pants. Has pet wolf. Head-strong


game Starter


New stuff in the rebooted MCEdit

  • Five Dimensions: Nether,Aether,End, Overworld, and Plixelate.
  • More Mobs such as Werewolf Villagers, Fallen Warriors, ghosts,Plantraps, and more
  • Biomes such as Reefs, Crystal Caves, giant Domain, Dragon Caves, Ghost Towns, and more!
  • Electronc stuff in the Tecity Biome
  • Humans and villagers are more interactive, and some Humans will help you on your quest like sarah and nathan help Dakota.

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