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Seasons Episodes First Airdate Last Airdate
1 24 February 1, 2013 TBA
Total TBA February 1, 2013 TBA

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Truth NickFusi0n February 1, 2013 101
The young Kate Heartblaze and her sister, cross the boundary separating the two lands, in hopes to find the heir of King Rowan - Adam Mech. However, they aren't the only ones who enter the Westlands. Truth-Title
Chronicle NickFusi0n February 8, 2013 102
Adam learns that he is the son of King Rowan. He and Kate go to look for the key to defeating Borg. Chronicle-Title
Dragon NickFusi0n and Sci100 February 27, 2013 103
As their journey into the middle lands continues, Adam and Kate ran into a village and a woman who claims dragons have been attacking and kidnapping people. Dragon-Title