Health Points

50 (Heart Icon x40)

The Hitman is a boss mob created by Cartoon44.


The Hitman can be rarely spawned in villiages mostly near witches. Once the Hitman takes notice of the player, it then begins to follow them.


The Hitman looks like a person from Friday The 13th with a Hockey Mask and a blade he always carries around. He has a black jacket and ripped up jeans.


The Hitman will follow the player, and destroy anything that causes harm. If the player decides to attack The Hitman, then Hitman will vanish and step by step try to hunt you down.

Most of the attacks that it uses on it's opponents are:

  • Flame of Fury- The Hitman will become engulfed in flames, and light anything in it's path. He can take the flames in and use them to attack the opponent. It takes away 3 hearts.
  • Blade Attack- The Hitman will take out a blade. The opponent will be forced onto the ground by complete darkness wrapped around the body, and The Hitman will continously stab you unless you find away to hit him back. It takes away almost 6 hearts.
  • Slow Kill- The Hitman will disguise himself as a normal creature. (Pig, Cow, Sheep...etc) Once the opponent tends to go near the creature, The Hitman reveals himself and shoots potions. The opponent then slows down, allowing Hitman to kill you quickly. It takes away all hearts.
  • Recoil- Last but not least, if the Hitman is hit, it will vanish and take away 2 hearts every 3 minutes.