Endie EnderdragonEdit

Hair color: Purple

Eye color: Purple

Age: 16

Parents: Ander and Ender Enderdragon

Usual outfit: Black sweater, purple shorts, black boots and necklace with Enderpearl

Traits: Kind, Shy, and Smart

Interesting facts: She has a sister named Snow, the Wolf leader, that was cast out because she was so... snowy.

Ryan PerssonEdit

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Light green

Age: 16

Parents: Herobrine and Kylie Persson

Usual outfit: White shirt, red and black plaid jacket (like BajanCanadian's) jeans, black tennis shoes and black and red headphones.

Traits: Funny, Thoughtful, and Smart


Skylar PerssonEdit

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Age: 15

Parents: Notch

Usual outfit: White and blue striped sweater, blue shorts, white and blue boots, white Crystal cat earrings.

Traits: Thoughtful, Annoying, Kind

Interesting fact: Can turn into a cat

Journey SparksEdit

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Age: 11

Parents: creepers. The end.

Usual outfit: Green hoodie with creeper face on back, black tank top, black shorts, two green bows (pigtails) black and green boots.

Traits:: Kind, Curious, Smart

Interesting fact: She hates the sound of TNT

Dakota SparksEdit

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Age: 16

Parents: Same as Journey, just a creeper and a human.

Outfit: white shirt, green jacket, black pants, green shoes, black and green headphones.

Traits:  Smart, friendly, and good-looking

Interesting Fact: He guarded the Emerald Relic.

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