Flag Beacon
Solid Yes
Blast Resistance
Luminance Yes (25)
Stackable No

The Flag Beacon is a block, available only in the Gamemode Capture the Flag.


The Flag Beacon resembles the old texture of the Beacon Block. It has white borders around it, and what would seem a blue energy void inside it.

How it worksEdit

When a CTF map is being build, the Flag Beacon is automatically given to the builders to place on both sides of the map. There can only exist two Flag Beacons in a single map, for the two of Flags. Once a Flag is captured, it can be placed on top of the Flag Beacon, to score a point for the capturing team. When the Flag Beacon is placed, it immedeatly generates a force field around it with a radius of 2 blocks and shoots a light beam into the sky, similar to the regular Beacon Block.

The Force FieldEdit


If you are a Blue Player and you enter the Blue Force Field, you will regain your health and arrows. Also, if a Red Player approaches in the force field, they cannot capture the Blue Flag until they kill you, or you kill them. There is a delay between the healing process, therefore, you cannot instantly regain your health after being hurt. If you get killed, the Red Player will be able to obtain the Blue Flag. If you are on the inside of the force field, and there is a Red Player outside, you cannot hurt him, so does he cannot hurt you. Damage can only be dealth inside of the Force Field.

If there is a Red Player in your Blue Force Field, you can still enter inside and kill him.


  • The Flag Beacon cannot be destroyed, like Bedrock.
  • The force field is just a colored air block, so it cannot be destroyed.