Solid No
Blast Resistance
Luminance Yes (10)
Stackable No

The Flag is a Block exlusive to Capture the Flag. It is the scoring item in the game mode and can be placed only on top of Flag Beacons.


The Flag is the main item and block in the gamemode Capture the Flag. There are two types of Flags: Red Flag and Blue Flag. Both teams have a flag on their side. The teams are Red and Blue. The goal for each side and a player from it is to get in the enemy side's base and steal the Flag, then bring it back to their base without dying, this will score a point for the side who successfully captures the flag. If the player holding the Flag dies, the flag will automatically be transported back onto the other side's base, without the need of an enemy player to carry it back there. The Flag can only be placed on top of a Flag Beacon.

The Flag has no crafting recipe.