The Firefly is a passive mob that spawns in jungle and forest biomes. Fireflies are about twice the size of a Cocoa Pod and can carry dropped items within a 16 block radius of them to you. They give off a light level of 7. They also attack silverfish and slimes, and they do 1 1/2 hearts of damage.


The first one is a wild Firefly.

The second one is tamed.

Health Points

10 (Heart Icon x5)


Jungle Biomes

Forest Biomes


Torch (1-3)

Glowstone Dust (0-1) (If Tamed)




The Firefly spawns like any other passive mob, except it is attracted to glowstone, redstone and torches (because these all give off light) and spawns on trees close to them. The game actually spawns a glowing beehive on a tree that fireflies spawn in.


Wild fireflies are dark brown and have red eyes, but when tamed they turn orange, red or yellow with black eyes.


Fireflies travel in packs of four at times and they start to do a type of air sprint when provoked. It is shy and hides in trees. When they are hunting for silverfish or slimes, they fly slowly and then dash to the target and hit it. As stated before, they are attracted to torches, glowstone and redstone. They will also attempt to nest on active furnaces. Fireflies obviously do not take fall damage. They also carry items to you.


To tame a firefly, you must look at it holding glowstone dust. It must be 5 blocks in front of you. The firefly will fly to you slowly. If you right-click it, it will be tamed and follow you. However, if you hit it during the taming process, it will fly away in fright.


If you right-click two fireflies, a tiny yellow egg about 1/8 the size of a block will appear under them. This egg takes 5 minutes to hatch.


  • Fireflies can go through fire unharmed.
  • Firefly eggs are indestructible by anything but the Player.
  • Fireflies are very fast.
  • If one somehow shrinks, the firefly is ridable by saddle.