Evan White
Placeholder other
Job(s) To be revealed...
Age Unspecified, early twenties.
Hair Brunette
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Nicknames No-Name, Evie
Introduced Prologue
Last Appearance N/A
 Evan White is a character from the Minecraft fan fiction story From Beginning to End, written by Creator. He is a mjor character as well as the main protagonist, and is introduced in the story's prologue, right before Chapter 1.


One of the few things known about Evan's backstory is that he had a family, but he assumes that they aren't around anymore in his current state of amnesia. Other than that, not much is known about his backstory. More information will be provided as the story progresses.

In the StoryEdit


At the very beginning of the story, Evan is dying from a zombie bite. It is revealed that Evan, along with all of the other characters in the story, refer to zombies as 'the infected'. He lies on a bed with a girl named Rosie, who is visibly upset over Evan's state of deterioration. As Evan mind begins to go blank, he tells Rosie that she needs to be strong, and that she needs to not worry about him. As Rosie questions the ways of the universe, Evan asks her to promise him that she will be strong and not let his death prevent her from living her own life. Evan then confesses his love for her and they share a kiss before Rosie lays her head on Evan's chest and they hold hands as Evan begins to pass away. Then, the story really begins as Evan's life flashes before his eyes, telling the entire story up to point of the prologue.

Events Before the PrologueEdit

Evan awakes in an unfamiliar place, which is actually the home of Jay and his pet piglet named Oinky, and realizes that he can't remember who he is or why he is covered with bandages. There is also an unexplained head injury. He meets Jay, who decides not to reveal his name until the next morning, where he informs Evan that he found him unconscious in the forest surrounding his home one night weeks before Then, he brought Evan back to his home where he treated the wound on his torso and bandaged him up. Jay addresses Evan's amnesia and tells him that it should go away soon. Jay suggests that they head to a village several miles north to see if they can find any information that would be useful to determine just who Evan is and why he ended-up unconscious in the forest. Evan is introduced to Jay's pet, Oinky, and learns that the piglet has a love for porkchops, much to his dismay.


  • Evan's death is revealed before the story even begins through the prologue, although he remains alive as the story continues.
  • At the time of Evan's death, he appears to be located in a tundra biome or during a winter-like period of time.

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