Effect Arrows are introduced in Sol Edition. Use the quiver to select the arrow to fire. 

Fire ArrowsEdit

Fire Arrows are the first type of Effect Arrows. They set things on fire.

Flint Blaze Rod Feather

Ink ArrowsEdit

Are the second type of Effect Arrows. They cause blindness to whatever they hit.

Ink Sac Stick Feather

Iced ArrowsEdit

Third type. Cause slowness.

Snowball Stick Feather

Sleep ArrowsEdit

New type, they casue whoever they hit to lay on the ground, inable to move for about a minute.

Ghast Tear Stick Feather

Nausea ArrowsEdit

Cause nausea.

Rotten Flesh Stick Feather

Poison ArrowsEdit

Why not?

Apple Stick Feather

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