is a fictional Minecraft add-on by Sol.


When you create a new world, there is a new world type "Animorph". This spawns the map.


1.0 (Invasion Update)Edit


  • Hork-Bajir- Can one-hit break wood and plants
  • Yeerk- Take over Humans and Hork Bajir.
  • Human- Replace villagers. Can get taken over by Yeerks and then will attack the player and his teammates if not in a hidden morph.
  • Zombies, skeletons, Creepers, Mooshrooms, Blazes, Ghasts, Slimes, and other vanilla mobs don't spawn in the world type Animorph.
  • Cassie, Jake, Rachel, and Marco are your teammates. They cannot be killed by you, and when they die, they respawn in their house. They morph into the morph you tell them with M. Will attack controllers if you tell him to do so with M.
  • Aximili is an Andalite which is a teammate. Can be morphed into a morph you tell him to. Will attack controllers if you tell him to do so with M. You have to beat Mission 3 to win.
  • Tobias is a red-tailed hawk which is a teammate. Cannot be told what to morph into, only what controllers to attack.

New ToolsEdit

New WeaponsEdit

  • Dracon Beam, dropped if Controllers have if in their inventory.


Throughout the map, you will be able to go on missions. This is accessed by by pressing O. You need to complete one mission before doing the next.

Name Description What-Do
The Invasion Save Cassie! Get the morphing power, get past Chapman, and pick up Cassie from the Yeerk pool.

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