is a new gamemode by Sol for Minecraft Sol Edition.

How It WorksEdit

There are 3 teams. You choose a class for the rest of the game, the game ends after 24 hours. You try to kill as many enemies before time runs out. Each team has a base in which they spawn, and each class has a special structure that only they can access with their respective key. If a key is dropped when killed, that player gets a copy of that teams key so they can access their base.


Name Weapons/Gear Effect Armour Special Ability (only on PC) Team Structure Key
Ninja Katana Invisibility Ninja Armor Able to turn into a bat and fly around (B), then 20 min cooldown 3 Dojo  Sneaky Key
Crusader Iron Sword Knockback Crusader Armor Able to run thru walls for 1 minute (L), 5 min cool down 2 Inn Fierce Key

Flamethrower (unlimited ammo)

TNT (unlimited)

Fire Immunity None Able to turn into a Ghast (B), 30 min cooldown 3 Warehouse Spicy Key
Sailor Harpoon Gun  Water Breathing Leather Armor Able to summon a band of pirates (P), 30 min cooldown 3 Bar  Salty Key
Sniper (Xbox 360 only) Sniper Rifle (unlimited ammo) Night Vision None Enemies glow red to see better 1 Belltower Cloud Key
Alchemist (PC only) Every potion or splash potion None None Able to explode and take no damage (B), 10 min cooldown 1 Mill Fizzing Key

Arrows (unlimited)


Flame Bow

Night Vision Chain Armor Able to teleport by firing an arrow (T), 10 min cooldown 2 Barracks Sharp Key

Diamond Pick (Unbreaking)

Minecart (unlimited)

Railgun (unlimited ammo)

Redstone Torch (unlimited)

Booster Rail (unlimited)

Torch (unlimited)

Haste Iron Armor Able to spawn a super charged creeper beside nearest enemy (C), 15 min cooldown 1 Mineshaft Stone Key


Stone Sword

Invisibility  Leather Armor (invisible) Able to scale walls 2 Campground Noobish Key

All Spawn Eggs (unlimited)

All Taming Items (bones, fish etc.)


Leather Armor

Able to spawn a tamed horse in full armor with saddle (H)

10 min cooldown

1 Barn Bone Key
Robo (under construction) Every robot (unlimited) Fire Aspect Iron Armor TBA 4 Factory Gear Key
Zombie Hunter (under construction) 4

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