Capture the Flag logo by Nick.


Capture the Flag (better known as CTF) is a Gamemode, developed by Nick. Although CTF exists as a Server mod in MC, Nick has modified it with new features and rules.

The Gamemode

Capture the Flag is highly inspired by the game Ace of Spades. There are two teams: Red and Blue. Both of the Teams have a Flag and a Flag Beacon on their side of the map. Click on the links for more detailed info.

Once the game starts, every player's goal is to head for the enemy's flag, capture it and bring it to the Flag Beacon. This scores a point. The first team to get an adjustable ammount of points wins the game. However, you are not supposed to Flag hunt if you don't want. You can dirrectly storm the battlefield instead of going for the Flag. Players are given a Bow, Two stacks of arrows and a Pickshovel at the beginning of each game. Other than that, it works like Survival Mode, but the map has a limit.

The Properties

Properties Status
Singleplayer No
Multiplayer Yes
Mobs Off (adjustable ; Creepers only)
Win score 10 (adjustable)
Max Players 32 (adjustable, but cannot go higher than 32)
Explosions On (Creeper Nades only)
Explosion player damage On
Explosion terrain damage Off



Off (can be toggled down only by an Admin)

  • Capture the Flag is inspired by Ace of Spades.