• NickFusi0n

    Hi everyone! My name is Nick and if you are a newer user of this wiki, it's likely you don't know me yet. Regardless, I'll fill you in..

    I'm the Founder of this Wiki and with that, an Admin/Bureaucrat. Although I don't edit here and haven't added anything in ages, I would appreciate if you guys take notice of the following:

    • Following Wikia's ToS, you are not allowed to edit here if you are under the age of 13. This is an official guideline and is NOT made up by me. If you have concerns regarding your account if you are underage, please do not edit anymore.
    • To all anonymous users: This wiki does not belong to the list of child-oriented Wikis that were made a thing like.. what? 2 Years ago? Regardless, what this is is basically the inability to …
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  • Nightfury1221

    What Happened?

    December 23, 2013 by Nightfury1221

    I just came on this wikia to find it almost completely dead. is it usually this way? usually i'm on the creepypasta wikia but today i stumbled apon this wikia cause was looking for a place to put my minecraft fanfiction. can i put it on here? it's kinda of a creepypasta cause i originaly wrote it for the creepypasta wikia, but some issues happened. so yea, anyone out there???

    found another minecraft fanfic wikia, it's a bit busier than this one, i'm gunna use that one for my story. 

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  • Adventure Mangle


    December 14, 2013 by Adventure Mangle

    I just found out I'm on the wrong wiki

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  • Spartian300

    okay, i know im new here, but what if we all worked together on a fanfiction? that way, we could start our own minecraft series. it would be fun.

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  • Nighthawkifikation


    September 6, 2013 by Nighthawkifikation

    So guys, a new snapshot came out yesterday. Does anyone know what it adds?

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