Two teams. Many battles. One winner. 

When Jazz, a young soldier in the long battle between good and evil, finds out something so life changing and will give a spoiler to what happens next if I put it here, he will go on long, and usually exciting, adventures. 

Chapter 1 ~ The New GuyEdit

A stray arrow just a pixel-length away from his face greeted Jazz as he walked into the training room. "Heads up, kid!" Jazz barely caught the bow that was thrown at him by an instructor.

Jazz stationed himself at one of the bow stations, and shot an arrow. It nearly hit the target, which made him feel pretty good. The next arrow he shot, however, missed completely and bounced around the training room. People screamed in terror.

The arrow hit a guy's baked potato, and he scowled at Jazz. Jazz grinned sheepishly and grabbed the arrow, which was tightly wedged in the potato. He just took the entire potato and ate it.

To be continued...

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