Barbercraft: The Birth of Matteo


        Matteo was a single child born from two impoverished  villagers, Matteo was a short, weak, and overall poor farmer. Growing up in a small village it become apparent who was boss. A large man black as Ash. No one quite knew this man’s name but called the villagers called him Ash. Ash was a wicked man with powerful sorcery who cheated his way into power. Because of his great sorcery no one dared challenge the one they called Ash. Throughout Matteo’s life he worked hard on the fields slowly gaining more and more strength.  Eventually he became the best farmer in all the land. His mother and father were very proud of him with all of his hard work he managed to bring in the family a good income.  Despite this Matteo was still naïve, young, and knew little about the world. 

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