This is told in the point of view of Ermac, not the MK Character.

The StormEdit

I wake up to see a storm. Outside of the window, there is? a Enderman. It is standing in the field. I see its purple gaze, and long slender body. I take a glimpse of the window again. The Enderman is longer there. My door opens, and there is Brian. He is dressed in a silver armor, with a blue B in the middle. I made that a week ago. Brian has a sword ready. I look in my drawer and put on the same armor, only with a blue E in middle. Brian hands me my sword.

The Enderman ReturnsEdit

After Brian and I leave my cabin, The storm clears up. Brian and I practice fighting each other. Suddenly, a squeal is heard.? It is Discarte, Brian's pig. Brian suddenly kicks my sword out of my hand. Discarte oinks,and walks away. Discarte returns with my sword, followed by a half green Enderman. Just then, it starts to storm. Brian, Discarte and I return to my cabin.

The Shattered WindowEdit

Brian decides to practice with his sword. I hear a loud crash, to see my window shattered. Brian kneels and repairs my window. "Thanks" I say. Brian says" Bye, Ermac" I wave goodbye, when the Enderman is at my second window. Brian says" Uh, that is a Acid Enderman!" I say" What?" Brian says" It's been raining acid recentIy" So, The Enderman was hit by acid, while walking in the rain.

The CaveEdit

Slowly, Brian, Discartes, and I walk into a cave. The eerie wind howls inside. Water drips from the ceiling. Discartes looks at a object. Brian picks it up and says" It is a lantern" He turns it on. A rat scuttles by, and its covered in acid. A another rat scuttles by. Brian, Discartes and I continue walking. Soon, a light appears. Then, a whail is heard. I turn around, and it's... Acid Enderman.

The EscapeEdit

Brian, Discartes and I make a run for it. It slowly creeps after us. We dart to the left. A shield is lying there. I throw the shield. It spins toward the creature. Brian, Discartes and I see a ladder. I hold onto Discartes, as Brian and I climb up. Then, a pile of stones tumble down, trapping Acid Enderman underneath. Soon, the exit is found. Brian says" Swordplay?" I nod.

The End.